Sometimes the owner of a Rental desires to dispose of his own property or, for instance, a Rental manager needs to block a Rental for some days in order to avoid any booking because of some maintenance. This is possible with Rental Ninja mobile app.

To do so, go to the Rental section that you want to block via the Rentals view (directly available from the main menu). Once in the Rental view, go to the future or passed bookings tabs and click on the "+" button. Enter the dates and notes and click "save".

Only the available dates of that Rental will be selectable. Then the blocking will be automatically added.

To delete a created blocking, find its booking view (picture below) and while you are on the info tab, you will see a bin icon. Use it to delete the Rental blocking. You will only see the icon if you are eligible to delete it. This means that will only be displayed if it is a blocking you created.

Final note

In case Smoobu is your Channel Manager you will have to set the following options as follows in your Smoobu account in order to let your Team Members block dates on the calendar:

  • Go to Settings > Bookings System > Booking System Settings > Contact

  • Let the red underlined labels as "Optional" as in the following picture

Remember: in case those labels are not set as ""optional" your Team Including the Property owner with access to the Rental Ninja App) will not be allowed to block any dates on your Calendar!

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