How to block dates in my Calendar?

Have your Team and your Rental Owners block dates in your Rentals

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It is possible to create a Date Block in Rental Ninja - through the website & the mobile App!

If synced with your Channel Manager and/or Booking Portals, it will make sure that the blocked dates cannot be booked by any Guests.

Why would I want to block dates in my Rental?

  1. The Rental Owner would like to stay himself at the property

  2. There is maintenance to be done

  3. It is low season and I do not want to rent out the Rental

  4. The property is temporarily unavailable

How can I block dates in my Rentals?

A. Through the Booking list

B. Through the Rentals section

A. Through the Booking list

  1. Go to the Bookings section through the main menu

  2. Click on + Create on the lower right part of your screen

  3. Choose for which Rental you'd like to create an Availability Block

  4. Indicate the Start + End Date/time

  5. Optional: Add Notes to indicate why your create the Blocking

  6. Save it

B. Through the Rentals section

  1. Go to Rentals in the main menu

  2. Open the Rental in which you'd like to block dates

  3. Click on + Block Dates. (You can block dates from the Calendar, Future and Past tab)

  4. Indicate the Start + End Date/time

  5. Optional: Add Notes to indicate why your create the Blocking

  6. Save it

Important notes:

  • A Push-Notification + Event in the Timeline will be generated when a Availability Blocking has been made. > this way, you will always be able to track WHEN the Blocking was created.

    The Event/Notification is: New Booking created.

  • We'll indicate the "type of Booking" when you open the Blocking. It will show you that it is a Blocking and that there are no Guests + no amount to be paid.

  • In the Note of the Availability Block we'll indicate WHO created the Blocking.

Final note - Rentals United users

To sync the Blocks with Rentals United, it requires a 1 time setup. Please consult this article: Sync Block with Rentals United

Final note - Smoobu users only

In case Smoobu is your Channel Manager, you will have to set the following options as follows in your Smoobu account in order to let your Team Members block dates on the calendar:

  • In your Smoobu account: Go to Settings > Bookings System > Booking System Settings > Contact

  • Make sure that the red underlined boxes are marked as "Optional", as shown in the following picture:

Important: in case these boxes are NOT set as ""optional" your Team (Including the Rental Owner with access to Rental Ninja) will not be allowed to block any dates on your Calendar!

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