This is the main view for a rental. Each of your rentals has this view. Go to this view through the main menu, click on rentals and find the rental you are looking for in the rentals view. You can also access to this view from other places such as a picture.

Use this view to look for any information related to one of your rentals. Find future bookings, passed bookings, upload rental pictures (pictures related to this rental, not to a booking),... You can also find canceled bookings in this view.

Future bookings tab / Passed bookings tab

The future bookings tab shows the future bookings of the rental, including the current one (if any). The passed bookings tab, however, shows the bookings of the rental whose departure day has already passed. Both tabs are ordered by closer arrival date. If a booking has an alert it will be labeled with an icon according to the alert symbology system explained in the Alerts symbology article. Bookings without any alert are marked with a tick icon. Canceled bookings can be shown using the filters. They will appear marked with an "X" icon.

Note: if today there is a departure and an arrival, both are considered current and they will be displayed in the future bookings tab.

With Rental Ninja you can also block a rental during some days. This means that you can do a "false booking" only to make sure that this rental during that days can't be booked. To do so, go to the future or passed bookings tabs and click on the "+" button. Enter the dates and notes and click "save". Then the blocking will be automatically added.

To delete a created blocking, read this article.

Photos tab

Find here all the picture types related to this rental. Use the filters to select the type of picture you want to see.

To add a photo, click on the add picture icon and select one from your gallery. If you want to add a new picture from your camera, click on the camera icon and your camera app will open. This is the only way to upload a photo that will be saved as rental picture.
If you select one of the images you can then share it via any other app or delete it. Use the photos tab to record receipts of payments to the rental owner, things found, for instance, by the cleaning staff, that need to be fix or any other useful information that you want to save. Remember that this pictures will be rental pictures, NOT booking pictures.

Info tab

The info tab gives you the basic information about the rental: owner contact details, accommodation address as well as owner and rental notes. This notes can't be modified from here. They come from Smily and can only be changed there.
Clicking on the email icon opens your email app to send an email to the owner. Clicking on the address arrow icon opens a maps provider showing the location of the rental.

Alerts tab

This tab shows the current alerts of this rental. To know more about alerts take a look at the Alerts view article and the Alert symbology.

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