This is the main view of each booking. Come to this view whenever you want to modify or see any information related to a booking. You have different ways of searching for a booking:

  • The main way is by going to the main menu, go to Bookings and search for your booking in one of the tabs.

  • Find a booking via a rental. Go to Rentals in the main menu, then look for the rental of the booking. In the rental view, search your booking in the Future and Passed tabs. This is very useful to look for already passed bookings or far future bookings.

  • You can also go to a booking directly from an alert. Click on the "VIEW" button of an alert to go to its booking view.

  • When you are watching an image, you also have a direct access to its related booking in the image options.

The booking view is organized in the following tabs:

Info tab

Basic information about the booking is given in this tab such as the Rental name and address, booking source, number of guests, reservation name and contact,... You can add or modify an expected check-in and check-out times by clicking on the clock symbol aside. Clicking on the email icon opens your email app to send an email to the customer. Clicking on the address arrow icon opens your maps provider showing the location of the rental. You can phone directly to the customer by clicking on the phone icon next to his phone number.

Details tab

This tab summarizes the costs of the booking. The Cost breakdown section shows the main costs of the booking, the ones that are coming from the source of the reservation. After that, in the Fees / Services section, you can add taxes which are not included in the main costs of the booking (like the tourism tax demanded by some governments) or add extra services wanted by the customer (such as extra cleanings, towels,...). Use the plus (+) icon to do so (available soon). Or use the pencil icon to modify an existing fee/service.

Payments tab

Use this tab to see the payment status of the booking and the already made payments. It is also possible to add new payments done by the customer. To know how to do it and to understand how the payment status works, please refer to the "Adding a payment & payment status" section of the manual.

Notes tab

Here you can see the notes coming from the booking source and add or delete comments. To add a comment, just click on the add comment icon, type and save it. This tool is very useful to take notes of everything that is happening around a booking. Information such as keys given to the customer, problems with payments, explanations about added services or whatever needed can be added. So use it daily!

Note: comments can't be modified. Future versions will allow this option.

Photos tab

Find in this tab the pictures related to the booking: booking and payment pictures. Use the filters to select the type of picture you want to see. To know more about pictures types, click here.

To add a picture, click on the add image icon and select one from your gallery. If you want to add a new picture from your camera, click on the camera icon and the camera app will open. This is the only way to upload a photo that will be saved as booking picture.

If you select a photo you can then share it via any other app or delete it. Use the photos tab to record, broken things during the stay of the guests, guests identification cards or any useful information that you want to save. Remember that this pictures will be booking pictures, NOT rental pictures.

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