This view has three tabs that allow you to see your bookings classified by currently occupied, arrivals and departures. In the occupied tab, you can see your today's ongoing bookings (including the ones that are arriving or leaving). In other tabs, you can find the arrivals and departures of the following days.

In the current and arrivals tabs, the bookings are sorted by arrival date. However, the departures tab is ordered by departure date. This way, the cleaning and check-ins staffs perfectly know the next arrivals and departures.

The information provided for each booking in this tabs include the name of the rental, the days of stay, the source of the booking (which website the customer made the reservation), the number of guests and a symbol depending on the status of the booking. This symbol is part of the alerts system of Rental Ninja. See the meaning of each symbol in the Alerts symbology article. In this view, you will also find a direct access to the Alerts view.

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