You can only access to this pack of views if your role is Administrator or Team owner. If you go to "Your Settings" in the drop-down menu, it will take you to the General Settings view. However, any other option takes you to the Team Settings pack of views.

The "Team Settings" pack of views is composed by the following sections: team profile, membership, subscription, payment method and invoices. See them explained below:


Use this view to send invitations to other people to join your team. As advice, we suggest you to invite as much people as you have in your team, you will be able to set the access they have to the information of your Rentals. This way you will benefit from the mobile features, giving your team-mates the information they need to do their work in the team.

You will also use this view to modify the permissions of all the users in your team. Admins can only manage permissions of other team members in exception of the team owner and other admins. The permissions of a user consist on the following aspects:

To set this 3 aspects of the permissions of a user, find the person in the list of the membership view and click on the "Permissions" button. There you will be able to chose a Role, select the rentals for that person, and by clicking on the "Show Permissions Form" button,  you can customize the permissions about what this user can see in the mobile App. Be aware that, if you change any of the 3 aspects of the permissions of a user, to make them effective, the user must close the mobile app and reopen it again (no need to logout). In fact, mobile phones close apps after certain time of not using them, so changes will be applied anyway after certain time.

If you want to remove someone from the team, find him on the membership list and click on the "x" icon. This person will loose all access to this Rental Ninja team unless someone sends him another invitation.

Team billing: Subscription, Payment method & Invoices


To review your subscription go "Subscription" in the menu. You will see your current plan. You can see here all the available plans, see their features and pricing. Use this view to change from one plan to another or stay in the same plan but switch between monthly/annual basis. The yearly plan has a discount applied.

If you don't want to continue with the Rental Ninja service, you can unsubscribe your team by clicking on the "Cancel subscription" button. This will cancel the renewal of your subscription but will allow you to keep using Rental Ninja until the end of the period you already paid for. You can retrieve your team account in the future, whenever you want.

Payment method

Change your billing details by going to "Payment method". You can update the billing address or change the credit card where you are charged. If you have a discount coupon, introduce it here and click on the button. Finally, you can also update your VAT ID here. Remember to click the update button to make the change effective.


Finally you can find all your invoices in the "Invoices" section of the menu. First, introduce the billing details that you want to include in your invoice: company name, address, web page, VAT number or any other legal information that you need to include. After that, download any bill in PDF format by finding it in the list.

Remember, if you have any question about any of this topics, don't doubt it, chat with us directly by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen. These settings are important and we want you to feel comfortable with them. We are here to help you.

Team profile

Use this section to update your team name and Photo. Be aware that your team picture might be used throughout other Rental Ninja features such as the Client App (Guests App).

Refresh connection with BookingSync

If you think you are experiencing synchronization problems between Rental Ninja and BookingSync databases you can use the "Refresh BookingSync Connection". You will find this option in the drop-down menu of your profile picture & name. This will try to reconnect both databases and re-establish the periodical synchronization. You will be sent an email to confirm and we will also be warned about your request. However, we recommend you to contact us before using this option. We will give advice and give you more information about your issue.

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