The home view is the first view you see when you login (if you have access to it according to your role).  It is divided into different sections. The first section is a general overview of parameters of your business. The other sections contain detailed charts about the different topics to know your business health.

Useful information for the graphics:
-Each graphic or parameter contains an explanation to make it easy to understand. Use the "i" button to see it.
-Many graphics have the option to select the period of the data that you want to consider. Use the drop-down to select one of the list.
-The charts that refer to money can only display information about one currency at the same time. Switch between them using the drop-down list at the corner. Each booking is accounted only in one currency. This means that, in those graphs, if you choose to display the information in euros, the graphic will not add the information of the bookings in other currencies. This is because the value of each currency changes over time and depends on the rates that your changer charges you. This is an important thing to consider when reading the money statistics.
-With your mouse, hover over the bars, lines, pie colors or any form the graphic is displayed to have the exact value of each data entry.
-Data series can be hidden by clicking on the name of the series in the legend. This might be very useful for pie charts or year comparisons by month, where you want to set aside some unsuitable information.

Find below the description of each statistics section:


The overview main purpose is to show general parameters of your business. It is a good way to have an idea of the evolution and size of your business. Despite you can see some values of the charts by hovering with your mouse, it is preferable to read those values in the detailed graphics in each of the sections, where more information is provided.

Money statistics

The money statistics section shows graphics related to the payments data. In most graphics you can select the period that you want to consider. Nevertheless the revenues by year chart shows the incomes sorted by month, per each year. This is very important as the rental business is a seasonal business.

Remember that the information displayed here is only shown in the selected currency of each graph. Read the useful information at the beginning of this article to know more about the meaning of that.

We also make you note that you can use the info button if you need help to understand the graphic, which might be sometimes difficult to.

Occupancy statistics

The occupancy of your rentals is a very important parameter to follow in your business. In this section we differentiate between booked and unavailable nights. The first are nights normally booked, by any of your booking channels. The second are nights blocked via BookingSync or Rental Ninja. See what is a rental blocking and how to do it in this article.

Channel statistics

This section shows information about your booking channels, the platforms used by your customers to book your rentals. This information is very useful to know your impact on those channels: if you need to improve your visibility in a channel, or set a new marketing campaign.

Client statistics

The client section is very useful to track the origin of your customers. This might be useful to give them a better customer care, increasing your impact in those countries that you have more clients or attending them in their own language.

In the client country map, you can hover over a country to know the number of customers. But you can also hover over the legend to know the countries that are within that range. Remember that you can change the period of the data to consider in the different graphics.

We use the available data to guess the origin of your customers. However, sometimes it is impossible to know due to a lack of data. Be aware that might be incomplete data in the graphs.

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