The Guests App is another mobile application from Rental Ninja, this time though, for your customers. They can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. 

But don't worry about that because we've gotten ready some easy ways for your costumers to get the app as soon as the book.

What your customers can see in the app can be customized from the Rental Ninja website. They will have access to the info that you prepare for them even without internet connection, always available. To give you a general idea of what you can prepare for your customers, see the following screenshots:

Now, to customize this, you have to go to the "Guests App" section of the main menu of the Rental Ninja website.

If you prefer a video instead of reading this article, the following is a tutorial about how to use both the Accounting module and the Guests App setup. Move directly to the minute 18:10 to see the tutorial about the App.

Otherwise, keep reading this article.

Click on the "Guests App" in the top main menu of the website. You can basically customize the general settings of your Rentals such as WiFi/door codes or make a personalized guide of each of your Rentals.

Go to "Rental Settings" and pick a Rental (or find it on the Search bar). Set in that view the Person's contact name and phone, WiFi settings, automatic door instructions or the maintenance person contact details.

Create a personalized guide by going to the "Guides" section. You can create as many guides in different languages as you want. To do so, click on the "+" icon and choose a language. Then, add headers, videos, images or texts in the order you prefer. Be aware that how you place things there will be how your customers see the guide. Hit the "Save" button once you are done.

Finally, to make sure your customers download the App and get access to their booking details we prepared for you everything to make things easy. And we thought that the best way is to take profit of the BookingSync Notifications App, which we find brilliant.

If you already know about it, just use the template in the "General Settings" section and modify it at your will. The template contains the links to the Apple Store and Google Play services to download the App and a QR code that they can scan directly to access their booking. They are also sent the BS reservation code that can be used to login the App as well.

However, if you are not familiar with the Notifications App, we suggest you to take a look at the BookingSync documentation before. It's a useful tool to send personalized emails with whatever you find necessary for your customers. Create a new automatic notification, choose how many days prior to the check-in will be sent and paste our template (find it in "General Settings"). Feel free to customize it at your will. Your customers will need a link to the Apple Store and Google Play services to download the App and a QR code that they will scan to log into the App. Alternatively they can use the BS reference number to access. All this is included in the template.

Once they are logged-in, your customers will see the booking details even if they are offline. This way we make sure your customers will have your information available while they are abroad despite they don't have connection.

The Guests App feature is included in the Professional plan, at a rate of 4€ per rental per month. However, you can test this features while you are on the Rental Ninja free trial.

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