This is the mobile app main menu:

The mobile app is organized in two main areas: Bookings and Rentals. In the Bookings section, you will have the entire information related to your bookings. You can see the next arrivals, departures and the details of each booking: name of the rental in use, source, number of people,...

In the Rentals area however, the information is sorted by accommodation. You can see the rentals you have available to be booked.  In each one, you will find the name of the owner, its bookings, notes and pictures about issues related to this rental and much other useful information.

After the two main sections, there are also interesting features. The pictures section shows together all the pictures, despite being related to a rental, a booking or a payment. This might be very useful to look for an image that you don't remember whether it is linked to a booking, a rental or a payment.

The alerts section takes you directly to the alerts view (which you can also access via the bookings view). You will see all your available alerts. The number that appears in the main menu, indicates your available active alerts. So if you hide one alert, you will see this number decreased by one.

The Chat with us option in the main menu opens a direct chat with us in case you want to share any feedback or you have some problems in completing any task. However, this option is not available for all roles. See the roles article to know more about it.

In the settings section, you can set your language preferences and change your profile settings such as the password or profile foto.

The last option of the main menu logs you out of your account. Use it to enter with another account.

Navigate through the mobile app manual of this website to know more about each of the sections.

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