Each member of a team, can be given access to all the rentals of the team, or part of them. The only exception to this is the Team Owner, who has access to all rentals. This rentals setup however, only apply to the mobile App access. So whoever access to the website, will see the information of all rentals available in the team. It is in our road-map to modify this, applying therefore Rentals' access also to the website. To know who has access to the website, please see the Roles & permissions article.

If you want to setup the rentals' access to somebody, you must be Administrator or Team Owner. Then, go to the "Team Members" view (inside the "Settings" drop-down menu), click on the "Permissions" button of a user, select the rentals the user might be given access to, and hit the "Update" button. Be aware that you can use the "Select all rentals" button to give access to all rentals to that user. Then click "Update" also.

Once you have changed the Rentals' access to a user, to make this changes effective, the user must close the mobile app and reopen it again (no need to logout). In fact, mobile phones close apps after certain time of not using them, so changes will be applied anyway after certain time.

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