One Time Tasks have to be created manually from the Calendar view.

A Manual Tasks is any Task that is not automatically created by the Scheduled Jobs Section.

These Tasks can include:

  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Once a Year/6 months Tasks (eg. Deep cleaning - Stock Revision etc)
  • Foto reports to document Incidents

Step by Step

1. Go to the Calendar View inside the Task Module

2. Go to the Rental and the Date for which you want to create the Date

Remember that you can filter the View per Rental and navigate per Month.

To see more dates in the selected Month, use the Bar below the Calendar or the side scroll on your mouse or trackpad if your device has this option.

Manual Task related to a Reservation

This Task will be updated according to any possible modifications in the check-in/out time of the Reservation.

3A. Click on the wanted Reservation and then on "Create Job"

Loose - Non Related Task

3B. Put your mouse on a Calendar cell and click on the "+" icon that appears.

4. Fill in the Form - Give the Task a Name, Description, choose the Time Frame and Assign the Task to a Team Member

Remember that you will only be able to assign it to a Team Member that has access to this Rental

Note: You will be able to assign an Inspector - use a Job Template - request for Pictures after saving this Step.

5. Save the Task

Done, Great Job!!

If you want to assign an Inspector - use a Job Template - or request for Pictures, please read on.

1. Click on Task in the Calendar View

2. Click on “View”

3. Click on “Edit”

4A. To use a Job Template go to “Edit Tasks” > “Replace with Template” > choose the Template and click on “save”.

If you have not yet created your Job template, click here.

4B. To Request for Pictures in the Manual Task go to “Edit Tasks” > “Add Task” > put a Description > Able “Picture Required to complete the Task?” > Save

4C. To assign an Inspector, Able “Does the Job need to be inspected once completed?” > Choose an Inspector

Remember that only Team Member with the Role of Team Owner - Administrator - Rental Manager can inspect Tasks AND they need to have access to the Rental related to the Task.

5. Last, but not least click on the Save button, which is the Envelope on the bottom right side:

Side note: Manual/One Time Tasks NOT related to a Reservation can only be modified MANUALLY

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