In addition of sending emails to your guests to require them to fulfil the pre-check-in form, you can also send SMS's. By this way, you will achieve a high percentage of forms completed, easing a lot your tasks for the check-in, therefore lowering your workload.

If you would like to turn on the SMS messaging to your guest requesting them to fill the form, just put the switch to the "on" position in the General Settings page of the Guest Module. You will need to provide a sender name, that will appear as sender of the SMS to your guests. You can also choose from different types of sending strategies in the General Settings page of the Guest Module:

The SMS looks like this:

Each SMS costs 0.09€ and will be added to your next bill. However, there are some countries where the maximum number of characters in one SMS is only 40. In those cases, we need to pay for 2 SMS to send the entire text to the customer. You will then be charged 0.18€ in those occasions.

The deactivation of the SMS sending is instantaneous, so if you just want to try it for some days because you wonder about having a big bill for the next month, turn it on and off at your will. Ask us about this if you need more information!

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