The intention of this article is to show you how to view the jobs that you have assigned, know what you need to do and how to mark them as completed. Everything from your mobile phone. So provably, this guide will be helping more to cleaning staff or check-in agents. However, anybody within a Rental Ninja team can be assigned to complete a job. So this might be also helpful for Rental Managers.

To see the Jobs that you need to complete, open the main menu and click on "Tasks". If your role in Rental Ninja is Rental Manager, Admin or Team Owner, you will see here a drop-down with more options. Just click on "My jobs". The other options are described in this article. This is the main menu:

Here you will see three different tabs where you will see your jobs according to their status: if they are "current", so you can complete them now, "upcoming" so you can't complete them yet and "completed" jobs. The first two tabs are listed per job start date, in a chronological order. On the other hand, completed jobs are ordered per completion date, from the most recent to previous ones. In any of the tabs, you can filter the jobs by rental just clicking on the "building icon" on the top-right corner:

To complete a job, just click on "View". There you will see everything you need to do. In order to Complete the job, you need to complete each of the Tasks in there (if any). You will find there two types of tasks: some may require a picture to be completed and some others don't.

If the task requires a picture in order to be completed, you will see a camera icon. Click on the row of the task and a new view will open up. From there, you will be able to see the description of that task, upload pictures and, once done, mark it as completed.

On the other hand, if the task does not require a picture to be completed, you will just see an "i" icon. Click there to see the description. If you click elsewhere in the row of the task, you will mark that task as completed. Do so again and it will be marked as uncompleted. Here is a sum-up of the described actions and types of tasks inside a job (see that the first two tasks are already marked as completed but not the last one):

Once you have completed all the tasks of the job, it will automatically be marked as completed. On the other hand, if there is no tasks for that job, you just need to click on "Complete" to do so. Once the job is completed, you will see it like this, with just one button saying "Un-complete" (use it in the event that you would like to un-complete it):

Once you complete the job, this will be shown in the Timeline and, if the job has somebody assigned to inspect it, the inspector will receive a notification. If he/she rejects the job, you will be notified and the job will appear once again in your Current jobs list.

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