This is a section inside the Home area of the website. You should be using a lot this section as we strongly recommend you to invite to your team everyone in your team. From Rental Managers to Rental Owners or Cleaning Agents. You will be able to set the access they have to the information of your Rentals. This way you will benefit from the mobile features, giving your team-mates the information they need to do their work in the team.

How to invite a new user?

If you want to invite someone to your team, click on the "Invite New User" button. You will be redirected to a view to do so. You can't choose at this time the rentals and the permissions for this new user. However, don't worry, once the person accepts the invitation, by default he/she will not have access to anything until you allow him/her. 

Note: if you are re-inviting a user that was previously in Rental Ninja, he must accept the new invitation. See this article to know about this procedure.

How to modify the permissions of a user?

Unless the user has not accepted an invitation, you will not be able to see him in the list of Team Members. So, once a user has accepted the invitation that receives by email, go to the Team Members view that you can find in the Home area. You will use this view to modify the permissions of all the users in your team. Admins can only manage permissions of other team members in exception of the team owner and other admins. The permissions of a user consist on the following aspects:

To set this 3 aspects of the permissions of a user, find the person in the list of the membership view and click on the "Permissions" button. There you will be able to chose a Role, select the rentals for that person, and customize the permissions about what this user can see both in the website and mobile App.

Are you a bit lost with all those permissions? No worries, this is normal. Always, the best thing to do in Rental Ninja is to test things. So why don't you create a test user to see what your rental owners / cleaning staff / check-in agents will be able to see according to the permissions you set for them? Read this article to know about how to create a test user!

Be aware that, if you change any of the 3 aspects of the permissions of a user, to make them effective, the user must close the mobile app and reopen it again (no need to logout). In fact, mobile phones close apps after certain time of not using them, so changes will be applied anyway after certain time.

Tip: when selecting the rentals of a person, you can use the search bar. This bar is very intelligent. You can type the name of a city or a owner of a group of rentals, and automatically the related rentals are highlighted. If you click on the "Select" button that appears at the right hand side of the bar, you will be selecting the highlighted rentals:

If you want to remove someone from the team, find him on the membership list and click on the "x" icon. This person will loose all access to this Rental Ninja team unless someone sends him another invitation.

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