The Guest App is another mobile application from Rental Ninja, this time though, for your customers (downloadable from Google Play Store or the Apple Store). It is the core of the Guest Module, as it facilitates the communication with your customers. However, in the Module you also have other features. Read more in this article

What your customers can see in the app can be customized from the Rental Ninja website. They will have access to the info that you prepare for them even without internet connection, always available.

The pictures above give you a general idea of what you can prepare for your customers. However, if you want to see exactly what your customer will see, go to the Rental Ninja App (the team App, the internal one) and click on a booking. In the "Info" tab, click on the icon shown hereafter and your Guest App will open up showing the exact same thing your customer will be watching. This is only if you have the Guest App installed in your phone, which is recommended, and if you enabled the app for the Rental of the Booking (will be shown later in this article how to do this).

Now, to customize this, you have to go to the "Guest Module" section of the main menu of the Rental Ninja website.

If you prefer a video instead of reading this article, the following is a tutorial about how to use both the Accounting module and the Guest App setup. Be aware though that this video does not contain the new features released after it's recording. Move directly to the minute 18:10 to see the tutorial about the App.

Otherwise, keep reading this article.

Click on "Guest Module" in the top main menu of the website. In the "General Settings" view you can basically provide general information that will be shown in the Guest App. This information is an emergency number and a text about your company. In that view, you can also set different options for the other features of the Guest Module. To know more about these features and the communication flow with your customers, please refer to this article. However, here we will only show you how to set everything you need to show your customers via the Guest App.

First of all, you will need to enable the Guest App for a Rental. To do so, go to "Rental Settings" and pick a Rental (or find it on the Search bar). You can specify there a lot of information which might be very useful for your guest. Regarding the Door Code, as this is sensitive information, you can choose to hide the code and the instructions until the booking has been fully paid (using the booking payment status) and even though, hide it until the check-in day at the time you choose.

The other thing you have to do for each Rental is to create a personalized guide. Go to the "Guides" section. You can create as many guides in different languages as you want. To do so, click on the "+" icon and choose a language. Then, add headers, videos, images, texts or any other thing in the order you prefer. Be aware that how you place things there will be how your customers see the guide. Hit the "Save" button once you are done.

Its interesting to know that you can then download this guide in pdf by the use of the corresponding button in this same view:

However, we are aware that some channels do not allow you to attach files in the emails you send to the customer. This is why we designed a special feature: you can get a link related to a particular booking to download the guide. By sharing this link with your customer, he/she will be able to download the guide in pdf. To get this link, find the booking in the booking section of the "Home" area and click on the "Rental Guide URLS" button. Choose the language and the link will be automatically copied. Paste wherever you need. This link will be usable by anyone until the check-out day of the booking:

Warning: to this link, the payment & check-in view restrictions from the "Rental Settings" section are not applicable. However, the door key code is never printed in the pdf for security reasons.

Finally, if you want to know how your customers will be informed to download the app, to get all this information, please refer to the article that speaks about the communication flow with the Guests.

The Guest App is included in the Professional plan. However, you can test this features while you are on the Rental Ninja free trial.

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