We’re excited to announce that the Accounting Module is now available! Whether you’re a small company with few owners or a pretty big one with many different people to whom you need to send money to, we believe we’ve got you covered!  We’ve tried to make a system that can just do that: Adapt to your ever-evolving company.

Accounting for Vacation Rental Businesses is just tedious. Each owner, check-in agent or cleaning company gets a different deal, which makes it quite hard to create something that automatically just handles everything. Why you say? Well because there’s ALWAYS something getting out of control... That extra fee for the cot should have been paid to the owner of the rental, and that other late check-in fee, to Laura, your most hard working Check In Agent.

The aim of the Accounting module is to provide you with a tool to account how much your company is receiving and calculate how much you have to pay to your recipients: rental owners, check-in/cleaning agents,... The core of the accounting module are the Accounting Statements, the basic unit of accounting where you define what you want to account: the bookings from a set of rentals during a given period.

Calculating how much you have to pay includes how much you "pay" to yourself, letting you know exactly how much you earned as a company during that period. All this calculation process will be done automatically once you define a payment strategy to your recipients (including yourself).

Finally, to know whether you already did the payment transfer to one of your recipients or not, you can use the "partial payments". You tell the system how much you transferred to the recipient. The accounting module will save this information and tell you if there is something remaining to pay to him. Once fully paid, attach the payment receipt, and send a direct email to the recipient with all the information of the payment.

To know more about the Accounting Module, move to the the tutorial article:

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