Every user in Rental Ninja is given a role depending on the task the person will be performing. Each role allows access to certain features. So depending on your daily work, you will be assigned one role or an other, allowing you to acces the specific information needed to develop your everyday job. 

Each role has the permissions setup by default. However, they can be customized by the Team Owner or any Team Administrator through the Rental Ninja website. 

The only Team members that can invite other members are the Team Owner/s and the Administrator/s. 


Owner of the team. That is the creator of the team and can not be changed. If you ever need to change the owner of your team, please let us know. The owner always has access to all Rentals and Bookings, and have all the permissions activated by default, as well as they can manage other team members' access, including the Administrators.


An Admin can manage the whole team just as the owner would do, but the Rentals to which the Administrator has access to, can be changed, as any Property Management Company can have several Administrators in charge of different rentals.
The role of an Administrator is to act as a Rental Manager at the same time that can give or deny access to other members of their Team (except to the Team Owner and other Admins).

This is the view where you can set the role, the rentals and personalize the access permissions for a user:

Coming back to the roles, these are the possible roles with their default permissions:


A Manager has full access to all features (on both; the Mobile App and the Website) except for modifying other users' permissions.


Any Check-in Agent will, by default, have access to all the features besides deleting payments added by other users; deleting other people's comments, nor block dates on any rental calendar.
However, any Team Owner, Admin or Manager can manually change their permissions to apply more or less restrictions.


Limited access to most features:

  • Can only see cleaning related alerts.
  • Can not edit time of arrivals and departures.
  • Can not see client details (email, phone, etc.).
  • Can not see the cost breakdown of the bookings.
  • Can not see the payments tab of the bookings.
  • Thus, can not add/remove payments nor edit fees and taxes.
  • Can not view booking notes, but can view booking comments.
  • Can only delete or edit booking comments inserted by themselves.
  • Can only delete pictures inserted by themselves.
  • Can not see owner detailed information (email, etc.).
  • No intercom access.
  • Can not block dates in a rental.


The permissions set by default for the Rental Owners are:

  • No access to alerts.
  • Can not edit time of arrivals and departures.
  • Can not see client details (email, phone, etc.).
  • Can not see the detailed booking cost tab.
  • Can not see the payments tab.
  • Can not see booking notes and comments tab.
  • Can not see the Pictures.
  • No intercom access.

To know more details about permissions, please refer to the default permissions table.

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